October 25, 2021

Lab updates:

  • L32-AZ-03 Connect using the Terminal: updated the YAML files with new images locations. 
  • L42-02 Ingress: Video and lab files updates. Now using apiVersion:

October 21, 2021

Lab updates:

  • L12-AZ-03 App Service: new screenshots to reflect the new Deployment tab. 
  • L12-AZ-09 App Service Logging: Container Settings menu has been merged into the Deployment Center menu.  New screenshots.
  • L21-04 Pod: Removed the generator parameter from the Docker Run command.
  • L24-03 CronJob: Updated the apiVersion to batch/v1

October 13, 2021

Labs tested on Windows 11.  Course setup instructions updated to include Windows 11.

October 6, 2021

Lectures added for all courses:

  • L09-06 Compose V2
  • L09-07 Compose V2 Hands-On
  • L21-05 Init Containers
  • L21-06 Init Containers Hands-on

Lectures added for Azure:

  • L31-AZ-08 Save money by stopping AKS clusters
  • L31-AZ-09 Save money by stopping AKS clusters Hands-On
  • L36-AZ-07 Scale User Node Pools to zero Hands-On
  • L36-AZ-08 Spot Node Pools
  • L31-AZ-09 Spot Node Pools Hands-On

August 31, 2021

Fundamentals course added

August 24, 2021

Linode course added

June 6, 2021

Azure course added

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