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Building Containers Hands-On


Hands-On Files

We want to containerize a simple HTML page. To do that you’ll need to create a Dockerfile.

Add a Dockerfile file

Add a new file and name it Dockerfile (without any file extension).

Copy and paste the following in the file and save it:

FROM nginx:alpine
COPY index.html /usr/share/nginx/html

Build the image

docker build -t hello-world:v1 .

list the images

docker images

Let’s create an instance of the image

docker run -d -p 8080:80 --name hello hello-world:v1

List the containers running

docker ps

Display the page using curl

curl localhost:8080

or use your browser. Navigate to https://localhost:8080

Stop the container

Refresh the browser to confirm that it has stopped

docker stop hello

List the containers running

You should not see the hello-world:v1 instance anymore.

docker ps

Remove the instance from memory

docker rm hello

Confirm that the container is no longer running

docker ps

Is the image still present?

docker images

Delete the image

docker rmi hello-world:v1
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Building Containers Hands-On

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