Docker Containers and Kubernetes on Linode

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  • Includes all the Fundamentals course modules
  • Duration: 9+ hours of video training.
  • 75 lectures.
  • 54 Hands-On labs with step-by-step instructions and source code.
  • Unlimited access for 365 days.
  • Level: Introduction.
  • No pre-requisites – Ideal for beginners. No coding experience is required.
  • Target audience: Developers, DevOps, SREs and I.T. Pros.
  • Required material: a laptop/PC/Mac supporting virtualization and capable of running Docker Desktop.
  • Supported OS: Windows, MacOS and Linux (Ubuntu).
  • An active Linode subscription is required. All cloud services usage costs are your responsibility.
  • For Groups and Corporate Sales, click here
  • Une version avec narration française est aussi offerte.
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Learn how to containerize applications by the Docker CLI and Visual Studio Code. Push and pull container images on Docker Hub, a container registry. Learn how to create multi-container applications using Docker Compose.​

Kubernetes logo


Learn about the Kubernetes architecture and how it works. Run it locally and use the Kubernetes CLI and Visual Studio Code to run, debug and troubleshoot applications and services. Learn about pods and the different workloads available. Configure networking, storage and set liveness and readiness probes.

Linode dedicated CPU

Linode VPS

Learn to deploy single and multi-container applications on Linode Virtual Private Servers.​ This is perfect for smaller workloads that don't require a full orchestrator.

Linode Kubernetes Engine

Linode Kubernetes Engine (LKE)

Deploy and manage containerized applications with a fully managed Kubernetes service. Learn how to configure persistence using Block Storage. Scale pods using the Horizontal Pod Autoscaler.

Azure Monitor


Collect, analyze and act on telemetry data gathered from your Kubernetes clusters and containers using Prometheus and Grafana.


Tools and Service Mesh

Learn how to use Helm to package and deploy applications. Learn about the benefits of using a service mesh by "meshing" and troubleshooting an application using Linkerd.

From Zero To Ninja

This technical course covers the core Docker and Kubernetes concepts and guides you to build, deploy and monitor containers on Linode and Linode Kubernetes Engine (LKE). Developers, DevOps, SREs and I.T. Pros will learn how to use containers locally and on Linode. You’ll experience several demos and hands-on exercises throughout the course as you learn how to build, deploy and monitor containers on Linode. No coding experience is required for the hands-on activities but you’ll use the terminal, command prompt and VS Code extensively.

You’ll learn about microservices and their use cases. You’ll then learn about containers and Kubenernetes. You’ll learn how to deploy and manage microservices applications packaged in containers locally. This will provide you the essential foundation that you’ll need before heading to the cloud.

Next, it’s all about Kubenernetes on Linode. You’ll apply what you learned previously so that you can deploy, manage and maintain your applications on Linode Kubernetes Engine like a ninja!

Finally, you’ll learn about 3rd party tools like Helm, Prometheus and Grafana. How to use dashboards like Lens and K9s. How to configure an Ingress controller and learn the benefits of using a Service Mesh and how to use one.

Free lectures!

Experience how the course works by launching the free sample lectures.  Simply click on the lectures marked as SAMPLE LECTURE.

Course Content

Getting Started
Introduction to MicroServices
Welcome to Cloud Native!
Introduction to Containers
Using the Docker CLI
Visual Studio Code
Multi Stage Builds
Persisting Data
Docker Compose
Container Registries
Linodes (VPS)
Docker Compose on Linodes
Linode Storage
Linode VPS Conclusion
Kubernetes Concepts
Kubernetes API
Multi Container Pods
Storage & Persistence
Application Settings
Linode Kukernetes Engine
Kubernetes CLI
Persistence using Block Storage
Upgrading a Cluster
Helm 3
Prometheus & Grafana
Service Mesh
Ingress Controller


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